What do winners receive

The winners will be immortalized in the GC2018 Plaque, celebrating each individual community event this year, as the "Fortnite Clip Champion" 
In addition they will be immortalized in the 2018 GC Events Hall of Fame on the GuardianCon Website.


Can smaller streamers participate

Yes, the Fortnite Event is open to all participants with a running GuardianCon Tiltify Campaign

How does it work?!

Each individual or team plays multiple rounds of Fortnite on April 21st, when it comes down to the last elimination, or final engagement of the round, all actions included will be paired with the point values above. After the game, clip this engagement, tally up the points and keep playing. Each clip you submit will earn you points. The more wins, the more final engagements, the more creative the more points you earn.